Water Management Services

Rain Water Harvesting

InRain Construction Pvt. Ltd. is the key benefactor towards the securing and abnormal state usage of Water Resources. We manage water reaping in India. The Company plans to contribute towards the advancement of a superior social framework by giving reliable water sparing systems and administrations with predominant esteem.

We have a solid nearness in Designing, Implementation and Management of such activities. Our center organizations are upheld up by administrations for Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Management, broad Research and Development.

Pond Development
Water bodies is like life for Indian culture, this is a standout among the best revive cum holding structure which required least venture and give most noteworthy return. At ICPL we utilize most trend setting innovation to protect water assets in their unique state. We work past to make the lakes look great. Our work incorporates purifying, creation and the board of lakes securely following every single required guideline and rules of the government. In order to maintain a standard each water body need to undergo certain processes like desalting, water augmentation, bio-remediation, decentralization, visual attraction and monitoring. We make sure that the entire processes are professionally and smoothly managed.
Storm Drain Mangement

Storm water will be water that starts amid precipitation occasions in light of the fact that impenetrable surfaces (parking areas, streets, structures, compacted soil) don’t enable downpour to penetrate into the ground, more spillover is created than in the undeveloped condition, Storm water the board additionally adds to network well being and money related hazard the executives by decreasing the danger of urban flooding and disintegration. InRain Construction Pvt. Ltd. helps you to reduces mains water dependence by strong structural design, low maintenance structure.

Bore Well Development