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About Our Technology

At InRain™ We are Engaged In Making RWH System Based on the technology adopted from Germany. It is indeed entirely different from conventional rain water system. InRain™ is Fully equipped with In house Make and Manufacturing process, ensuring its best in class – quality. We share our contribution to Nation being proud partner of “Make in India Movement”


The solution is aimed at solving the problem of water crisis in cities where there is a lack of space for storage of water and huge populations leading to shortage of water supply and excessive withdrawal of water from ground.

Rainwater Harvesting System


Modular RWH is a new technique for Rain Water Harvesting. It is both convenient and easy to maintain in comparison to traditional RWH. This New Age RWH system is designed maintenance free structure which makes it both cost effective and eco friendly.

InRain™ Rainwater Harvesting System

Making The Planet Green
Recycling Rainwater
Decreases The Demand For Water
Reduce Stormwater Flow

InRain™ Rainwater Harvesting Filtration System

A module permeation storm water tank intended for filtration, transitory maintenance and ensuing release. It is utilized in waste channel application. It is developed utilizing our restrictive plastic infusion shaped boards.We provide all range of modules as per the requirements.

rooftop rainwter harvesting

Inrain Water Conservation & Management

At Inrain Water Conservation & Management Pvt. Ltd., we firmly believe in the popular quote

“Water is life, and conservation is the future.”

70% of our earth is water, however, the potable water which is required for most of the human needs, is very less. The growing urbanization and global development have also led to a sharp decline in groundwater. Climate change with global warming is not making things easier for humans. Water conservation and management techniques are vital for sustainable development. It helps in managing the increasing demand for water with growing industrialization and increasing population.

At Inrain, we provide water conservation & management techniques leveraging modern technology. Conservation methods and solutions offered by Inrain are not only environment friendly but economical as well.

The Technology We Offer:At Inrain, we are using modern German technology for Rainwater Harvesting Solutions. This advanced German technology helps us to reduce costs and improves the longevity of the rainwater harvesting system. It helps in overcoming the major challenge of space-saving, which is a prime concern in urban planning and development.

The Quality We Offer: We provide high-quality products as our products go through a stringent quality check. Our in-house manufacturing ensures the quality of products and our quality assurance system ensures consistent quality.

Inrain firmly believes that the future of urban planning and development is through the practice of water conservation and management. We are fortunate to be blessed with the ability to contribute to save the environment movement, while we help others to incorporate water conservation methods and practices in life. And we are also a proud partner in the make in India movement as we manufacture all our parts in India.

At Inrain, we help organizations, housing societies and individuals to integrate water conservation and management into their development plans. We aim to provide sustainability in water conservation practices.

Self Cleaning Filteration System

Rainwater Harvesting System
Rainwater Harvesting