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Co-Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System
Co-Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System.

Co-Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System.

Inrain Construction Private Limited offers co-polymer based rainwater harvesting system services for water conservation and management. This is a modern-day technique of harvesting natural rainwater. This technique is cost-effective and easy to maintain compared to traditional rainwater harvesting. This technique is also known as the modular rainwater harvesting technique, as it uses multiple stackable modules for building the structure of the rainwater harvesting system; this makes construction and installation faster and easier.

Co-polymer based rainwater harvesting system uses a structure that offers an economical and eco-friendly solution compared to traditional rainwater harvesting systems. Co-polymer products are less expensive when compared to the cost of building brick and reinforced cement concrete or plain cement concrete storage. Moreover, cement concrete storage that is used in traditional systems will require maintenance as it has the chance of developing infestation algae and fungi. Co-polymer modules are not only economical but also come with the option of portability which allows the top surface to be used for a variety of purposes like parking vehicles, floriculture and kids' playground etc. 

Co-polymer based rainwater harvesting system comes with certain advantages over the traditional method of rainwater harvesting. Some of the major advantages of this system are

  1. Eco-friendly and economical solution
  2. Geo sheet-covered percolation storage tank to ensure excellent filtration
  3. Underground placement of the percolation tank ensures no easy access to the water tank making absolutely safe
  4. Low or almost no maintenance in comparison to traditional rainwater harvesting system
  5. Higher recharge capacity as water comes from five sides.
  6. Co-polymer based modules have a high lifespan
  7. Portability is one of the main properties of these co-polymer based stackable modules, as these modules can be easily shifted and installed at different locations

Modular rainwater harvesting system meets the modern-day requirements and comes with safety assurance with an option of portability which makes it one of the most sought-after water conservation and management systems.

Co-Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System

Unlike conventional RWH system, the recharge chamber in modular RWH need not be PCC/ RCC, thereby saving cost. Further, the PCC/ RCC Storage-cum-Recharge Tank after few years gets infested with algae/cobwebs and is very difficult to clean; whereas modular RWH with polypropylene blocks wrapped on all sides with geo-textile is almost maintenance free and its useful life is more with an option of portability if there is a need to use the occupied land for some construction purposes. Also, it has been the past experience that conventional RWH system always goes dysfunctional after 2-3 seasons whereas modular RWH system in its concept and design has addressed several factors that help them having many relative advantages over the conventional RWH system.