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InRain™ Construction Pvt.Ltd

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We are subsidiary company of “Singh & Singh Construction” a firm with a strong presence in India with more than 30+ years of experience in civil construction industry. Have completed numerous Projects for Bridges Construction under PWD/RWD, Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Bihar Rajya Pool Nirman Nigam Etc. & Constructed Roads Under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadark Yojana, and continued to undertake construction projects for more than 30 years.

About ICPL

InRain™ Construction Pvt.Ltd

Rainwater Harvesting Company with a strongpresence in All Over India .The company has successfully Installed morethan 400 Rain Water Harvesting Projects enabling in conserving billion of gallons of water from of getting it waste. We are privileged to introduce the next level and Scientific Rain water harvesting’ technology with more than 50 Ton/SQM Load bearing Structure 1st time in the world. We are Proud partner of Make in India Movement having our own Make and manufacturing.

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About Our Technology

At InRain™ are engaged in making RWH System based on the technology adopted from Germany.

It is indeed entirely different from conventional rain water systems were made using cement and brick walls. A few benefits of our scientific RWH system are highlighted as follows

  • Monolithic Structures are quick to Install and the same turns into a Rain Water Holding Tank below the Ground within no time as compared to making Civil Pit.
  • Modular Tank can be used for Holding / reusing the rain water, recharging the Water Table and Percolation.
  • Using ‘InRain™’ filtration system, developed ‘in house’ by ICPL R&D team, clean rain water is trapped in the tank thereby saving on maintenance part tremendously as it is very easy & handy with negligible maintenance cost as compared to conventional systems.
  • Precious land over the modular tank is not wasted, since it is a load bearing structure and can bear tons of loads thereby making the whole system truly economical as compared with the case of having civil pit
  • 95% of the capacity of tank is usable as compared to only 50-55% usability in case of civil pit.
  • No Risk of accidents as no one can fall into this kind of tank whereas having a RCC Civil tank is highly accident prone.
  • Easy removable and transportable to any other location which is not possible in case of civil pit.
  • Holding / Recharge Capacity begins from 1 Cubic Meter to any imaginable Size within significantly lesser time.

Our Research

How We Work


  • Concur on the Project Value and plan the Project Controls to be connected.
  • Recognize important partners.
  • Survey venture hazard and vulnerability.Set up a venture control execution plan.
  • Set up a venture control execution plan


  • Complete expense and calendar gauge surveys.
  • Review of undertaking control abilities versus control execution plan.
  • Issue a hole examination dependent on the review.
  • Refresh the undertaking control execution plan.


  • Roll out the project execution plan.
  • Prepare an integrated baseline schedule and budget.
  • Mobilize site based resources.
  • Monitor, control and report.


Installation & Project Development

Our team has done more than 400 Rainwater Harvesting Projects in accross the India.Technology we are using has globally been adopted in advanced country like Germany, Japan, Singapore, USA and Australia. InRain Construction Pvt.Ltd

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