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Modular Rainwater Harvesting
Modular Rainwater Harvesting.

Modular Rainwater Harvesting

Infusing Modular technologies to store or reuse rain water in order to realize the needs of an enriched tomorrow with abundant water resources in place.

  • Polymer as strong as metal
  • Load bearing and top surface utilization
  • Time saving in installation
  • Accident free
  • Less maintenance cost than civil pit
  • Maintenance time and resource utilization
  • Alteration and re use advantage
  • Cost advantage
Modular Rainwater Harvesting

Precious land over the modular tank is not wasted, since it is a load bearing structure and can bear tons of loads thereby making the whole system truly economical as compared with the case of having civil pit. 95% of the capacity of tank is usable as compared to only 50-55% usability in case of civil pit. No Risk of accidents as no one can fall into this kind of tank whereas having a RCC Civil tank is highly accident prone. Easy removable and transportable to any other location which is not possible in case of civil pit. Holding / Recharge Capacity begins from 1 Cubic Meter to any imaginable Size within significantly lesser time.