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Storm Water Recharge and Management
Storm Water Recharge and Management.

Storm Water Recharge and Management

Storm Water Recharge & Management is very crucial in the modern-day world. The climatic change and depreciating resources require humankind to take steps for water conservation to maintain sustainable development growth. We can easily see the negative effect of fast pace urban development on natural resources like water; to mitigate adverse effects incorporating stormwater recharge & management in the current development plan is very important.

Urbanization and rainwater harvesting have to go hand in hand for sustainable development. A concept like sponge city has already started making waves. The primary aim of a sponge city is to use rainwater to revive our natural resources. The concept focuses on absorbing, storing, and utilizing rainwater runoff.

At Inrain Constructions, we aim to provide you with time and money-saving solutions for water conservation. We use various techniques to manage stormwater runoff. The collected runoff water across different surfaces gets through a connected recharge shaft, and after getting filtered, it gets stored in a honeycomb box-type structure. This saves funds for the construction of excess sewage lines and over pumps by local bodies.

We also offer stormwater recharge and management solutions like

Bioretention: This methodology uses plants and herbs for capturing and filtering water in excess rainwater. It not only helps in removing pollutants from the water but also helps in recharging groundwater.

Permeable Pavement: It is one of the most popular techniques of the current time. It is equally popular in both urban and suburban areas. It uses a porous surface of permeable concrete that lets runoff water infiltrate into the ground. This technique is very useful in parking lots, sidewalks internal housing society roads.

Green Roofs, Rain Garder and Constructed Wetlands are a few other ways of managing stormwater runoff. Stormwater management, providing more sustainable and effective solutions that benefit both the environment and society.

Storm Water Recharge and Management