InRain Modules

A module permeation storm water tank intended for filtration, transitory maintenance and ensuing release. It is utilized in waste channel application. It is developed utilizing our restrictive plastic infusion shaped boards.

We provide all range of modules as per the requirements.

InRain Filters

The channel is utilized to expel suspended contamination from water gathered over rooftop. A channel unit is a chamber loaded up with sifting media to expel garbage and soil from water.

InRain Constructions provide wide range of filtration units required for domestic water harvesting.


Flo-Pipe that accompanies inventive structure and advance innovation. Inrain Construction Flo-Pipe likewise prominently known as Drainage Logs, Filter Pipe or Sub Surface Pipes.

It is a ultra-present day substitution of conventional rock channels, opened funnels and horticultural pipe channels

Geo Textile

Geotextile is essentially a porous texture which, when utilized in relationship with soil, can isolate, channel, strengthen, secure, or channel. Ordinarily produced using polypropylene or polyester, geotextile textures come in three fundamental structures: woven, needle punched or heat reinforced.

EPDM Liner

InRain Constructions Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Liner has been figured to be perfect with amphibian life.

It is suggested that clients test EPDM Liner before use to guarantee it is good with the particular oceanic species for the proposed application.